Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Friday - February 26

I wrote this in Word and never got a chance to get it out for some reason. Yesterday = Friday.

So basically yesterday was pretty crazy and a scratch-off. First, I got to watch the semi-finals from a ridiculously good view, Section 111 to be precise, and so I didn’t take any breaks to eat or anything because no way I was missing that. I did get the end on video by a friend of mine, so that will be precious to keep! (My parents even spotted me on TV when I went all the way down the stairs to check something out)

People started chanting ‘We want USA’ very early before the game was over – which at one point I didn’t think it was going ot be a 3-2 game. After a while, I told the people waiting to go to their seats that I thought it was a tad too early to say that (about 10 minutes before the 3rd period) and I think they got mad at me because Slovakia scored right after that. Oops.

I wish I could of taped the people walking out of the stadium. The usual – Oh Canada, We want USA, We want Gold (yeah no pressure boys)  and Go Canada Go and so on. But it’s just magical in there, when there’s a goal, it’s so crazy. I really hope we don’t lose – it would just put the whole nation on a year-long depression and the media would dissect every single thing that happened.

I met up afterwards with Scott, a guy who works for the New Jersey Devil which I couldn’t get over the fact he was a ‘jersey’ boy but actually made sense about hockey. Ha ha. Then we went to this bar with two of his friends who get to ‘work up’ the crowd – sweet job if you ask me – and basically just decided to party the night away, it was another of those random but great nights. 

  Big flag in bar

New Jersey hat - don't get fooled, its still Go Habs Go

Tonight I’m going downtown with Steph and we’re just going to go out and enjoy the last few days we have here in Vancouver. We jut own our 13th gold – tieing the Soviets for their All-Time record and that means that tomorrow we’ll BEAT it – Right boys?

I also got a cowbell donated to me last night and it made me really happy for some reason. I love how they represent the hockey moms everywhere across Canada – You know you had somebody’s mom on your hockey team that had a cowbell, usually just one person, but we all know it! Hehe

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