Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Saturday - February 27th - Alberta House

So today we got up a bit late and I was quite hungover, and decided to contact Jean-Marc (our new Montreal friend) and Elodie to go out and enjoy our real last night in Vancouver.

So we did just that by meeting up at the Edgewater Casino, headed to McDonald's while Jean-Marc got tons of Free stuff at the Ahtlete Village (Oh and his Federov pass-hilarious), bought out Greyhound tickets for Whistler and then headed towards Granville once again. It was raining, but something was hilarious - There was TONS of people partying, and that's pretty standart here, but they were all in their MOST ridiculous outfits and the oldest boombox - blaring out a radio station all at the same time. So there's about 100 people with boomboxes, and people will signs of a Decentralized Dance Party. It was a lot of fun to see. Clearly, I lost the crew and went filming all of this.

 This guy was crazy on the guitar. Reminded me of a Guitar Hero character!

So we proceeded through Granville trying to figure out where we could go out - We knew that everywhere would be packed so I mentioned the bar I was at the night before - there was a DJ and a small dance area, decent prized alcohol compared to everywhere else, so let's do it. On the way there, we bump into the Alberta House and there was a good song playing so we decided to go in there instead. 


The DJ was okay - I mean, he could of been playing better music at first. The house basically closes at midnight, so towards the end he started playing all the classics (some on a remix) of the country songs. 
We met these young 'kids' I'll call them in line, they were 18, when we were coming in and had a few drinks wiht them, started a dancing circle and we were just crazy in general. Trying to have a good time, there was a few people cheering for Finland (They had just won the bronze) and a few ''cowboys''. I met these 2 boys that paid 3,000$ for their tickets to the final, which was pretty standard at this point! But wow. I didn't think it was worth that much - but yet again, we heard somebody paid 100,000$ for 4 tickets together in the 100's the day of. That is nuts my friends! Or maybe I'm too used to seeing tons of games, all the time...


Then we left a bit before 12 to go to the next bar, just around the corner, called Dix. It was a peanut bar, with peanuts absolutely everywhere, and drinks were definitely decently priced as we've been paying 7-9$ beers all month. Yeah, it's expensive, that's why we snuck in a lot of alcohol. 

Skip to the last call, we start drinking our last pitcher really fast, then these guys are playing some sort of beer pong, on a pool table, but like, you get a peanut in somebody's glass and they have to drink, it's a big free for all. Before that, we start throwing them peanuts kind of causing a peanut-food-fight until they tell us to come join them to finish up their pitchers too.

This is pretty much what it looks like.

After that, we start walking outside with them to where they invite us to come over and keep on partying. As we're a bit tipsy, the four of us just say Yes to continue the party and go over to their house. It ended up being one of the most fun we've had - the girl had a bass violin (I'm not even sure if that's what it's called, it was just a gigantic violin a size of a person), one of the guys had a guitar, tam tam's and randomnly this other european looking guy brought out an accordion - which he was AMAZING at! So they jammed for quite a while and it was really nice to hear. At one point, the accordion guy just started signing really loud! It was really godo though, I got it on tape. You'll definitely see it in the video.

So that's about it for that day! We're a bit anxious to find out about tomorrow's game..

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