Sunday, February 28, 2010

As if it's over!

We pretty much busted the internet limit where we are staying so I'll just have to be brief.

Full descriptions will be coming up very soon; basically friday and saturday nights were both drink-till-7am and the most random things has happened.

Didn't get a chance to catch the gold medal game, my plan failed! Gah!

Tomorrow I'm going to Whistler. We're actually taking a cab at 3 am to get to the bus terminals, to then take an hour long bus to the Train station, where we are taking the 5:15 am bus to Whistler to get us there at 7:45 am. We then will go check at our hotel see if we can check in, if not just leave our baggage there. We have a hottub and we'll be right in the centre of the village. Then I take a bus back around 10 am Tuesday morning to go back to Vancouver and straigh to the Airport.

I can't believe it's almost all over :( Although tomorrow will be epic.

I'm going to wear my Team Canada jersey on and I'm trying to find a flag to put somewhere on my snowpants. We're also going to snowboard with our volunteer coats, haha.

I can't wait to go! Wow! It's 11 pm so I'm leaving in 4 hours, so weird!

That's it for now! Lots of pics to come, and I took amazing videos!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

OT: Women are dominating the podium for Canada

I just wanted to bring to your attention how the Canadian women are really rocking the podium right now. We have 6/8 golds from women, and they account 80% of the total medal count.

I think this is amazing, being involved as a girl in sports as I always did as a kid. I think our programs are really equal promoting sports to both genders. It does suck that it's a bit bittersweet to win gold for Hockey as we were the heavily favored to win at least a silver in this sport, but must feel really good for those ladies. For me in ringette, it was like the day Gloucester beat Ottawa in 2006 to go to Nationals, I'll always remember that time.

On that note, we have just beaten Canada's record for Gold Medals - putting our count at 8. Now, the country is in the running for the most gold medals at these Winter Games, which I think would take the pressure off the Own the Podium program people have been fussing about. I don't think without that program we would have half of these medals, and we only got unfortunate with the 18 4th and 5th place finishes.

We have tons of great chances of getting more golds, included women's curling, men's curling, men's hockey which I cannot wait to see the final outcome, hopefully in a box suite as I was explaining earlier (Yeah, I'm not going to work, sorry work ethics, you will take the side while I spoil myself with this olympic experience)

On that note, I want to point out how JDC and the Olympics are so similar (Tom Horvath would gladly explain that to anybody) and as newly appointed coordinator for next year's JDC, how I am STOKED to be able to be part of the Ottawa 2011 delegation for the JDC 2011, held in Ottawa. Also, our committee consists of 80% of females (what, you're surprised?) so I'm sure we'll do just as well as Canada's girls!

Day 13: Ok, Somebody ate their breakfast this morning!

And by that, I meant the whole hockey team. I'm not sure if it was Canada who decided to just start speeding everything up and play their real game, or if it's the Russia that had so many nerves that they seemed to not even know what hockey was in the first period....

So because I worked outside the day before, they named all of us and we were going to be put inside. I thought that'd be great, but I had to split ticket-taking duty at the door and being an usher in the 100's. Also, that section is the smoker's section. You get like the crazy-smokers absolutely wanting their smoke but you have to stamp them, etc, it gets a bit crazy. I got to watch most of the 2nd period, could of watched the third but the game was pretty much already done! So I decided to go eat. 

I'm not sure if it's because 75% of the people there are men ranging from 25 - 35 years old, drunk with their buddies ready to spend all their cash on beers, and the fact that there's only about 3% of volunteers there that are girls that are younger like me, but I've been getting hit on working at the GM Place on a daily basis. It's ridiculous! All the time! The guys always try to hug me, take pictures with me, flirt with me, say all these things, I always find it really funny in the end, as I said, pretty sure there's not many younger volunteers, it's all older anal women I would say, I'm clearly the coolest one. Yet, still do my job.

So it was pretty crazy in the rink at first! SO loud! Also, doing the tickets before the Canada Game also made me see some people that couldn't get in because well they basically got effed by the scalpers. Sucks to be them. The thing with the scanners. is that once you've scanned it, you can't re-enter with it. That's why we have to personally stamp them to make sure nobody gets through the cracks. There was a few people that came thinking that was their game, but they had the worng time :( But we ended up giving them tickets anyway because well it really sucks to reject those honest people.

I videotaped the crazyness from I get off the skytrain as I walk through my shift, but also took a few pictures. I also saw Miga and Squatchi, and went paparazzi crazy on them which I'm sure they weren't amused because we were in a accrediated people-only area. The people screaming and cheering the whole way up to the venu was so crazy! Can't wait to see more of it! 

I was burnt afterwards so just went back home. These standing days are getting long! Also, I met Jean Maisonneuve my old boss at BDO who has a Suite basically for every game. He told me for the Finals I can come and see him and stay in the Suite. You know what that means! I'll come in with my volunteer outfit because I'm supposed to work at 12 for the ceremonies (no way I'm going!) and then I'll just make my way onto the Suites, ask to go see a friend of mine, get chanced once in there at the bathrooms, and BAM! I'm in! So hopefully that will work! Wouldn't it be crazy to see this! Not working too, it's hard to contain emotions sometimes! 

That's it for now! Tonight I'm off so I'm planning on going out and seeing stuff! 

Here are some pics of people walking out - people were going nuts! And at that same time, we were catching the bobsleigh and announced to everybody about the gold and silver and people went nuts!

Also, these guys (well like, old men) invented a new sport. Don't remember what they call it, something with snowballs. So walking back home I got a picture with them! 
I decided to put on my best tourist impression

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 12

I got to work outside today - it really wasn't pleasant with all the cold! Brrrr! Rain and wind are not a good combo, with the cold. It gets you straight to the bone! Such a weird cold, different than out East for sure.

Again, my days have been a bit more relax due to the nature of my shifts. (4pm -12 am)

I just wanted to say:


Four years ago, was a different team, different town. This is ours!

So Let's show Russia where we are, and it's Canada, and it's our gold medal! 

Hopefully I'll be inside, if so, check out my TwitPics for the live picture updates!
I'm also secretly hoping for the Swiss to pull an upset on USA! Come on!!
It is sad that one of the teams (Canada or Russia) will not even get a medal, especially after a seeding of 2 and 1 respectively. It's clear Finland, Sweden or the Czechs are not better teams than this, on paper.
My guesses for the semi-finals: Hopefully Canada vs Sweden and USA vs Czech. I have a feeling Czech will come on top for some reason.

After coming across this article, I realized that I was about 1 meter away from Tretiak, an Russian legend for his goaltending, on my second shift. Random, I know. 

That's it for now, my brother is out at the casino playing with some drunken fully-loaded scalpers taking all their money, so good for him!  I was just too cold to even move, I really had to come straight here.

I also wanted to direct you to this picture which I find really arrogant of the Russian figure skater. (It is the shot you get when you enter his website) Also after seeing he did this to young girls

Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 11

I can't even write a title for today because there wasn't much exciting today.

It's a bit weird to be here without pictures, or videos of my day, because I basically went to work from 2 - 9 and came back home afterwards.

I didn't usher today - I was at the media/olympic family accreditation check outside, so making sure the people could get in there with the right card. I would scan their cards, and they would either get a random check or go through.  I saw a lot of interesting titles, a lot of the board of administrators and the executive olympic committee, 2012 London observers (this is for you Liane!) as well as athletes, and the two biggest recognizable names would be Kevin Lowe and Donald Sutherland. It was refreshing to be outside as I didn't even want to be inside watching the women's hockey since I kind of have a hard time watching it.

As the Toronto Sun puts it, the women's hockey is:

''Team Canada will play Team USA for the gold medal in women’s hockey in the least competitive, least interesting, least Olympic of all sports in the Winter Games.''
''Fourteen wasted games of the supposed Olympic hockey tournament has produced nothing more than something all of us have known for years. There is no other sport like this in the Summer or Winter Games. Nor should there be."
''Truth is, you or I could play goal for Canada or the U.S. and get the team to the gold-medal game. And I know I’m not much of a goalie.''

Funny, as maybe you would think I would be somebody to encourage women's hockey as a ringette/hockey player myself, but I think it's only embarrassing. They might as well make a best 3 out of 5 tournament for USA vs Canada in the hockey division and Finland vs Canada in the ringette division to give something to the public, and not embarrass the Olympics. I mean, I could easily be playing for any of those foreign countries and probably do just as well. Gah, frustrating!

We are being silly at the curling rinks, and I absolutely love it! The fans are being crazy - hockey fans styles - something the sport has yet seen. Even the Québec boys I met the other night went to a curling game cheering for something they don't even know much about! It's funny because articles about this as I referred earlier, were talking about how this would happen. 

Tomorrow and Wednesday, I'll be working 4:30 - 12:00 so that will be quite a shift. It's better than my 9-5 because if I get to usher, I will be able to catch both of the last games, and only seat one group (the 9 pm) instead of seating 2 groups and only watching one game. 

I met another couple on the bus on the way back home, very nice people, hopefully they catch my blog by now! 

Okay, that is it for now. It might not be too exciting for a while because of my late-night shifts and I don't think I'll be going around town during the day. Thursday, I'm going to hit the Holland Heinken House for the day/women's finals/night with my friend Alex and his buddies from Ottawa.

Just today, I kind of missed Ottawa for some reason. Kinda!

Congrats to our golden couple, Moir and Virtue, to make figure skating look cool, even to guys! They are from Ontario, and been skating together since they were 7 years old! Wow!

The Men's hockey last night, Canada vs USA has broken records about the most watched sports program watched ever, with some 10 million watching it. That means every 3rd person in Canada were watching it!

Good night! 

Day 10: Cowboys Fringants

Well, yesterday was pretty slow. I woke up not feeling the best and realized the buses are not passing for a while because of the Sunday schedule so I would of been majorly late. I also realized that the chances of me sneaking in after my shift were getting slimmer by the day, and the attendance was much higher yesterday for the CAN vs USA game, meaning that scalpers were really able to sell off all of their tickets.

I met up with Marco, a friend from Louis-Riel along with his other friend Dominique and then 2 other people they knew from Victoria. Around 3 pm, we walked to the Granville Island to get comfortable in a bar but clearly we were still too late. 

We ended up catching the first period at Bar l'Adrénaline and then the 2nd and the 3rd on the big screen at the main stage.

After becoming depressed alongside the 33 million people in Canada, we decided to fix this by getting drunk! Yay! It's funny because the announcer said something like this: Comme canadiens français on est bon a célébrer des victoires, mais on est également bon à célébrer des défaites! 

Anyway, so off to the Granville Island Brewery we go:
We got the tasters, but ended up chugging most of them when we were strapped for time to go back and catch Cowboy Fringants. Here's a few other pictures:

Walking there was quite the funny part, since we were feeling the beers quite well. After that, les Cowboys had already started and we were basically front row the whole concert.

It was a pretty energetic concert, and I definitely forgot temporarily about the hockey loss.

After that, I saw the Québec guys I had met the night before, and we just chilled for a bit before going home pretty early because the band playing at Adrénaline was really... hm... special? I guess that's the word. So I went all the way back to Surrey, falling asleep a bit everyone on each train I was taking. 

Now let's talk hockey. 

If you want to know more about what will happen, You can check out the wikipedia site right here. Basically, tomorrow Canada will be playing Germany to qualify for the Quarters (I will be working at this time exactly) and then Wednesday all the quarter finals are playing (So I assume Canada should win against Germany and they will play Russia

If they win that game, which I'm sure right now, according to my Dad, they will definitely not even make it to the finals, they will play, most likely against Sweden or Slovakia in the semi-finals. Now, let's say they win that, it's a toss-up who they would play afterwards but it'll be a toss-up between USA, Finland or Czech. 

We can all see how this differs alot from what we had imagined, but hey! I'm sure Russia isn't thrilled that they'll have to face Canada in quarters. Basically, all the big contenders like Russia, Canada and Sweden will all have to be eliminated before the finals, whereas USA now is a favorite to get to finals because of the weaker contenders. 

Now onto the goalies: Yes Brodeur was very weak yesterday, and I'll safely assume Luongo will start against Germany to get him warmed up for the Russia game. I WILL be working during the Russia v Canada game, so I'll make sure to find myself a job that requires me watching it! Miller was really into it yesterday and was basically a wall, while Brodeur definitely let a few by him that usually wouldn't of happened. Now USA has this ridiculous confidence that we gave them, and they are talking about Miracle on Ice again from how many years ago, ugh!

Anyway! Today I have a shift from 2-9 pm and it's the women's semi-finals, I think I will voluntarily take a shift outside, as it almost frustrates me to watch the women play!

To finish, here are more fantastic High-def pictures HERE

Here is a cute commercial about moms:

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 9: Gala Juste Pour Rire

Well! Here I am, I was supposed to work today but I wasn't feeling good / wanted to catch the game from a bar for once (and wear a team canada jersey and not the blue coat!) so I decided to call in ''sick''. Therefore, I won't be sneaking into the 100's for the Canada game, but I think I've had my fair share of excitingness for free already!

On to last night, I had it off, and we went to the Gala Juste Pour Rire and there were TONS of good comedians, it was really hilarious. They delivered exactly what I was hoping - Olympic jokes alongside with everything else in life. Louis José Houde really got me and my brother when he did an elaborate set about a tent-trailers and talking about going up camping with his family. We could SO relate, I can't wait to show the footage to you (Mom and Dad) because it will seriously crack you guys up!

I met up with Alex Gibson a friend of mine from B-D back in the day, and also met up with Audrée, my cousin's girlfriend as well as Marc from the other night. It was really fun to just be a bunch of people randomly together, and these are not even people that I hang out one a regular basis, you know? It's all in the Olympic magic!
The pictures are a bit blurry but that's the best I could do. I do have a lot of footage so I'll be able to compile a bit of that!

Afterwards, we headed, as per usual, to Club Adrénaline to party a bit more. We met some Québecers in line; they had been saving up for 4 years each putting money aside to finally come here and basically blow it all here! Haha! They were from Trois-Rivieres I think, and a bit older than me but around my brother's age. They were pretty cool, I ended up staying with them for a while. Also I met this couple from Newfoundland that I ended up dancing on stage with! It was quite a fun night, although Steph was pretty beat and sat down a lot of the night, garding my coat hehe! 

It was a DJ playing only francophone party songs, so it was pretty cool to hear that. From the good beats of today to the Ce soir on danse classics, it was a fun night. Over there it's always fun, and there's mostly older people, so it's easy to spot the younger ones and basically come together, you know! 

Also the guys had made this flag that they'll be bringing to the game tonight:

One of their moms were nice enough to cut the two flags and put them back together. So Let me know if you see this on TV!  They were supposed to contact me at the game because I was supposed to be there, but I'll assume they'll go back to Granville Island again because of les Cowboys Fringants performing!

This will be rather interesting as I 100% plan on showing up with the Team Canada jersey one of the guys gave me at the first Canada games and they are well, des séparatistes! We'll see what they will say about Canada tonight! In the Olympic spirit and all!...

La dernière fois que je les ais vu, j'étais en première année pendant Frosh Week a l'Université d'Ottawa mais je connaissait pas autant leurs chansons, maintenant je peux dire que je connais très bien la plupart des chansons donc j'ai hâte de me rendre en avant pour partyer avec les Québécois! 

C'est drôle à cause à la Place de la Francophonie je me sens tellement plus à l'aise, ''à la maison''. C'est vraiment plaisant!

And yes if you are wondering, I'm pretty much always having the time of my life, meeting a new group of people every night is pretty much the best thing ever for me.

It's a big hockey game so make sure to watch!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 8: DEADMAU5!

Well, here is to another day and night in the sea of Red aka Canaday Day every day.

I worked usher again but yesterday was particularly boring hockey games that I saw. Actually the Sweden game as pretty good at the end, I was just really tired. It's hard to stay standing up all day. I know it doesn't sound so bad, but doing nothing standing up is really hard, 8 days in a row!

After work, I met up with Brendan, a volunteer at the Infobooth who currently goes to UBC and is a year younger than me, also looks like 5 years older than me and is 6'5 or something! So we heard during the day that the lineup for Deadmau5 was ridiculous, and that nobody could even get in anymore. And we definitely got the proof of that when we got there and the lineup was probably the biggest I have ever seen in my life for a free concert outside. 

For those who don't know Deadmau5 (pronounced Dead Mouse), he's a Canadian Electro DJ from Toronto that's been really popular in the last year. His most popular song, Ghosts n Stuff, has been around for a while now and you might know it by now. 

So when we get there, we ask the security guy about how to get in and the time for the line, then he redirects us to the Staff entrance. So we decide that we have nothing to lose trying to go through the staff entrance. (We gave ourselves a 5% chance)  So we just non-chalantly go into the staff entrance, put our stuff through the airport security screening once again, and just WALK IN! This was ridiculous, as the people had been waiting all day to get in there, and they closed the doors at 4 pm; while still people waiting in line in hopes to get in. Here is a Vancouver Sun article that can explain more how crazy it was (20,000 tried to get into a 8,000 people venue) 
 Just outside the entrance

So I call Steph to tell him to get over here and pass through the staff entrance as a volunteer who works there. The worst is that our pass looks nothing like the pass they have at LiveCity (they are hosted by the City, not VANOC) and our coats are definitely a different blue. I was saying how they were the leftover volunteers that got the leftover jobs ha ha! Anyway, we were pretty pumped, and we were in at 5:30 leaving us time to do the pavilions in there. 

So we did the Coke pavilion, and it was pretty cool:
 Torches for the past olympics

 With a Torch!

The pavilion was really cool in the end. You could do some interactive games, and the people working there were the most energetic I've seen in any pavilions. 
Then we also did the ACER, Samsung and Panasonic pavilions which all had some really cool tech things we could see.

Each pavilion had their own cool thing: The Panasonic 3D HD theatre showed the 2008 and 2010 Olympics in full real 3D, for the opening ceremonies and the sports. It was funny because we had seen the opening ceremonies live, and it looked exactly the same. Also, they shot in 3D at the Norway - Canada game, and I saw myself on the 3D Theatre about 3-4 times because I was in the corner behind the goalie! Clearly, I was really excited, but nobody else cared haha! 

At the samsung one, they had a bunch of interactive touch screens and cool stuff to do with cell phones, and the ACER one had the Olympic video game on the computer, which you would be doing the real courses of the Vancouver olympics, and the graphics were just amazing. It's funny because some people might remember that Olympic game that was around in like 1995 - I just remember my brothers and I playing, and it was the same thing pretty much just 15 years later! 

In the ACER pavilion, we heard some good beats outside so we figured it was Deadmau5 that was up on the stage, and it was! So he started a bit earlier, but that was fine by us!

I have amazing video footage of this, so can't wait to put this all together. We decided to make a ''Volunteer train'' to the front of the crowd and it pretty much worked. There were a LOT of young kids (like 13-17) because it was an all-ages concert, and no beer was served (big fail) but we still had sneaked a bit of rum, every morning I basically make sure to have my rum on me... You just never know! 

After a while, we decided to get out, my brother and I were getting pretty hot and it was pushy alot and we wanted to go dance in the back. Brendan, having a head over everyone, was obviously fine, but we left anyway. On my way out we met this guy that is friends with another of my friends from Montreal in the Olympics, and we started talking and he ended up chilling with us all night (He works at the Olympic village) 

Anyway, the concert was very good in general, we were upfront for Ghosts and Stuff and people went nuts for it. Unfortunately, it wasn't as loud as we wanted it to be to start our dance party in the back, but hey you got to work with what you got! 

Many fans had made their own mousehead, these are just 2 of many!

So Deadmau5 got LITERALLY cut off because I'll assume he just wanted to keep playing, and the organizers had to cut him off so the fireworks could start. Basically, he put Never gonna give you up at the end; which confused us a bit, and then they just literally pulled the plug haha! So the countdown to the fireworks had to be modified to start at like 2 or 3 then BOOM! Amazing fireworks! These were GOOD too! With a bit of a light show and everything. I decided to film it so I don't have any pictures, but they were definitely nice. 

Afterwards, we went downtown to Granville street to walk around a bit, and we met up with Brendan's friends where we wanted to find a bar, but ended up chilling at the Casino and just having a beer, steph, brendan and I's feet were KILLING so we just wanted to die at that point!

Sidenote: The mascots are almost a joke now - not in a bad way, but in the sense that the people my age are always screaming their names, dressing up as them, etc. and It's pretty hilarious. 

Coming back home, we realized there's even more of those rocks piled (Inukshuk) all over on the walkway from Sochi 2014 to the GM Place/BC Place. There's so many, it's incredible!

 Only a glimpse..

We had a mishap coming back on the skytrain, taking the last one we thought we had the one going to Surrey but it turns out it wasn't. We had to call for a cab and get a ride with these girls to get back home, which was around 4 am! Long night, thank god I'm off today!

I'm going to see Juste Pour Rire tonight at Granville Island, and it'll be nice to be off. I'm working 9 - 5 tomorrow, for the ''Super Sunday'' because really good games will be on so you better watch. The biggest rivalries will all be playing against each other starting at 12 Pacific, so 3 pm in Ottawa. I will be working the first game, Russia vs Czech and will try to sneak my way into the USA game. It'll be ridiculous in there!!! Afterwards, its Sweden vs Finland.

Here's an article from the Montreal Gazette explaining this amazing day of hockey tomorrow.

So! Hockey Day in Vancouver tomorrow will be on! I'll probably go to Granville Island after I sneak into my USA Game (hopefully) to check out Cowboy Fringants, and go out late because I'm only working late monday. 

The hockey I'll be covering: Women's semis monday, Men's quarters tuesday & wednesday, Men's semis friday, Men's Bronze saturday and men's final sunday! 

That's it for now ! Peace and love

I have found AMAZING pictures of the games here. Check it out!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 7: Another Canada Game, Another Sweet Seat

So today was just another 'Ordinary' day for me. I kind of got myself out of an outside position to be usher again on the 3rd level. I really love that job, and considering maybe applying for Sens for the games, why not? I make friends with a lot of the people in my section and I think they all appreciate it. I don't think I'm too uptight, loose, or just plain stupid to be there and people also respect me. Also, I obviously love the drunk guys that go at the noon games, get there at 10 am to be at their 6th beer by noon. They really entertain me. 

Also, let me point out a few things of the games I've realized that I felt like sharing:
- Americans really overdo their costumes. I've done two full USA games now for the hockey, and all the people from Seattle can go right back there if they want! Always tacky costumes, they are nice people of course, but ... I just feel like ... You know who they are
- Luge doubles is really awkward to watch in any shape or form
- I am a bit tired of seeing the same Vancouver videos over and over again
- The cleaning crew in between games go NUTS so they can clean within an hour. It's a lot of work, kudos to them.
- What makes the difference between NHL And Olympic hockey games? FLAGS. There are just tons everywhere. People come for the games of the European countries and decide to usually buy a flag of which ever country they decide on, and it's great because it keeps the spirit in there !
- Somebody put up a ''Free Tibet'' flag today. Was kind of funny. 
- I heard today somebody bought a ticket for the gold medal game in the 300's, for 2,700$. A friend I met tonight bought tickets for Russia tonight for 300$ a piece, last row in the 300's.
- I do realize how lucky I am to be usher most of the time, but I am putting myself in that position.... screwing the system a bit... 
- I have never heard the OH CANADA so many times in a day constantly ever. 
- It is SUNNY now!
- Alcohol places are open till 11 pm to pick up the booze! Wow! 
- I gave these little girls my volunteer pin today because they were all amazed at this older lady having so many. It's a limited edition - obviously I don't care about the pin, because, most of you know me and know that collecting pins, wouldn't be a thing that I do haha! Anyways, there was three little girls, so I think I caused more of a problem because they started fighting about who was going to keep it (in a cute way) Anyway,,, there was my Mother Tereasa Moment.

Now, to the interesting facts. So, as I finish my shift today, I started scouting out downstairs which seats weren't being touched at all. That's when Judy, who's from outside of Montreal, and very french, and very much have the same personality, we decided that we'd meet up in the bathroom, get changed and go downstairs to those seats. So we did. Basically, if they see you in the blue coat, you will get kicked out the seats. But since I had a black shirt, hair tied up, and a green cap, I was totally undercover. 

As I'm typing this, I see the CTV News saying something about the empty seats at GM Place. Okay, there are a bunch of seats that are not sold because: A) they are blocked off by media view, so they can't sell those B) There is about 3 sections in the 300's that is reserved for Athlete seating - and they are never full, like ever and C) I think scalpers have a hard time selling the tickets right before the games, and they end up not sold. Hence, why I can go and hop in there, just as long as you act cool enough.

Hey I'm telling you the secrets of the trade, you guys better not rat me out! Anyway, on to the important part: The Canada game! It was ridiculous! I've never been so much into this as I was in the third period. I can honestly say I was like somewhat okay with Swiss scoring, make the game a little tighter, but never did I have a doubt until the last 5 minutes that we were maybe going to lose. 

The seats, were the most amazing thing ever. Everybody was so into it, and we were really lucky nobody ever came to claim them. I took many videos hoping to catch that winning goal but it DIED before I got anything. So I didn't get anything on my camera for the shootout, but you can check out my Twitvids here and here. As some of you know, I update pictures and videos live on my twitter, so when the crowd goes nuts I'll usually catch it on tape and send it off right away! Note: The crowd went wild when Crosby scored, and they were screaming HILLER To the goalie when he was in our end. Which I thought was a bit unsportsmanlike for the Olympics, but I think we want it so bad and didn't want to accept to have a potential loss... Do anything they can. 

If you were watching on TV, I got on the phone with my parents and told them you could see me from that camera, which you could, it was pretty funny. That's how close I was!

Anyway, enough with the blah blah. Here are the pictures of tonight! 

Now I also made a friend, like I said, and she is a driver for the Hockey Federation driving around big shots. I think she'll become my new undercover seat sneaker. Here's the pic:

She's doing a blog just like me. And Here is it: Mais elle vient de Montréal donc c'est tout en français! 
On va probablement se rencontrer dimanche pour essayer de se trouver des sièges pour la partie contre USA et ensuite aller voir les Cowboy! J'ai hâte! 

So that's it for me! Two posts were enough for me. I had to update everything, I felt like you guys didn't get much lately! 

My plans this weekend: Friday work 9 - 5, Daudmau5 Yaletown LiveCity at 7:30 with Louis and Stoggy; Party somewhere after until late in the night! 
Saturday - OFF! Night: Soirée Juste pour Rire - Place de la francophonie (Granville Island)
Sunday - Work 9 - 5; try to sneak some seats if not go straight to Cowboy Fringants! 

Okay I'm absolutely beat, it's been hard leaving downtown after Canada plays but I'm so beat after standing up all day with everything I'm doing, then putting all my energy into cheering.

Good night!