Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Monday - March 1st - Whistler

So we got into Whistler at about 7:45 am and then dragged all of our luggage to the Hotel we rented last minute - 150$ with tax and everything. It was really not bad, especially we met up with people who booked a room a while back and paid 298$/per night for just a really small room. It was perfect for my brother and I. So we get dressed and head for the slopes.

What an amazing day - I will have more pictures when my brother's camera gets back - but we did start out wiht a breakfast up top after a few runs, which was pretty amazing view. We heard about these free mountain tours - which we assumed it'd be older people giving us the tour - but went with it anyway. So we did that at 11:30 (oh and after doing a Boarder Cross run - it's so fun, I definitely would want to do that! hhehe) And they brought us all the way up in the Bowls. Now, I have never seen so much snow and openness. That's the thing, it's SO open I can't believe it.

We did one of the bigger and popular bowls where we had to hike up after a T-Bar (oh, I am no longer afraid of them) and so I have a pretty cool video of that.  Steph hiked up a bit to get really fresh Pow and it was pretty cool. We would stop a bit everywhere and they would explain where all the other Bowls were, where you had to hike to get to the more intense ones, and wow everything seemed really amazing. It's such a free-for-all!

We took the Peak-To-Peak at the end of the day to check it out, and skied on Whistler at the end of the day. We were dead tired by 3 pm so decided to call it a day. Although it took us quite a while to get all the way down, where the snow was getting very much like April-like snow. Kinda sucks, there was 0 snow in the village or anywhere around, kind of weird to experience!

At night we met these 2 groups in the hottub, and one of them were from Hull. We went to supper with them, then hit up Tommy's Africa for the 80's night. Everybody was fully dressed up for it - reminded me of JDC parties - but they were all SUPER snobby. I was really turned off by the ''locals'' attitude - like they were the cool kids in High School but I felt like they were all like.. dumb as shit.. No offense. It wasn't like JDC at all because I felt like the people were missing just, brains. I don't mean to be harsh towards the locals, but I realized that they all either serve, work in hotels, etc which yeah it is a sweet life, and I'd love to get a transfer of BDO there, but I started doubting them!

gay pride week at Whistler

Anyway, we went back, I woke up at 8:30 am to catch a bus to the airport, caught my plane at 2:30 and only got in Ottawa at 1 am.

Going over the Rockies in the Plane.

That was it! I'll keep posting a bit because I really want to make a post with all the main differences between BC and Ontario.

I'm back home now if you want to hang out! Haha!

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