Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sunday - February 28th - Crosby SCORES!!!

So today, we go straight from where we were last night because we ended up staying up until 7 am and just passing out until 10 am - They were pretty nice and didn't mind letting us crash on the couch. We get to the Canada Hockey Place where Steph was able to sneak his way in by completely lying to everyone (Haha Just for you) and sat beside a camera, on a media box that they set up for those cameras, for the whole game. I, didn't have my pass back on time, and couldn't do the plan I had planned! Nooooo - I know, it was harsh. But I just went across the street to the Molson Canadian Hockey House -  but from the outside and met up with Judy, the girl that I spend watching the Swiss game with. She was there with her RCMP cousin so the three of us caught the game together.

It was a wild game - I don't have to go into details. I can tell you when Parise scored, the whole crowd went dead silent from cheering (since they were cheering loud from about 2 minutes left). I immediately saw downtown Vancouver all in fire from a riot I could see being caused if Canada would lose - and would ruin the whole feel-good image that the Olympics were getting in the past week. So I was really hoping for the sake of the Olympics, that wouldn't happen.

The entrance to the house.
It was 100$ to 200$ for a Day Pass at the Hockey House, and people were even scalping passes as well. 

Anyway, when we scored, everybody went nuts naturally. The party immediately started, and I'm sure it was the exact same in Ottawa - like people wrote on facebook, a mini-Canada Day/Sens Mile. I thought the same thing, but it was already like that each and every night, and even more on any Team Canada win nights.

Unfortunately, my brother and I were absolutely dead from the night before so we had to skip the whole downtown thing (we had done it about 9-10 times anyway) and head home to go pack because we had a 5:15 am train to take. We ended up going home and sleeping for a while, then taking a cab at 3 am to get downtown in time. It was a weird night. And we missed out - but hey, it's stuff like that you have to do if you want to go to WHISTLER!

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