Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 8: DEADMAU5!

Well, here is to another day and night in the sea of Red aka Canaday Day every day.

I worked usher again but yesterday was particularly boring hockey games that I saw. Actually the Sweden game as pretty good at the end, I was just really tired. It's hard to stay standing up all day. I know it doesn't sound so bad, but doing nothing standing up is really hard, 8 days in a row!

After work, I met up with Brendan, a volunteer at the Infobooth who currently goes to UBC and is a year younger than me, also looks like 5 years older than me and is 6'5 or something! So we heard during the day that the lineup for Deadmau5 was ridiculous, and that nobody could even get in anymore. And we definitely got the proof of that when we got there and the lineup was probably the biggest I have ever seen in my life for a free concert outside. 

For those who don't know Deadmau5 (pronounced Dead Mouse), he's a Canadian Electro DJ from Toronto that's been really popular in the last year. His most popular song, Ghosts n Stuff, has been around for a while now and you might know it by now. 

So when we get there, we ask the security guy about how to get in and the time for the line, then he redirects us to the Staff entrance. So we decide that we have nothing to lose trying to go through the staff entrance. (We gave ourselves a 5% chance)  So we just non-chalantly go into the staff entrance, put our stuff through the airport security screening once again, and just WALK IN! This was ridiculous, as the people had been waiting all day to get in there, and they closed the doors at 4 pm; while still people waiting in line in hopes to get in. Here is a Vancouver Sun article that can explain more how crazy it was (20,000 tried to get into a 8,000 people venue) 
 Just outside the entrance

So I call Steph to tell him to get over here and pass through the staff entrance as a volunteer who works there. The worst is that our pass looks nothing like the pass they have at LiveCity (they are hosted by the City, not VANOC) and our coats are definitely a different blue. I was saying how they were the leftover volunteers that got the leftover jobs ha ha! Anyway, we were pretty pumped, and we were in at 5:30 leaving us time to do the pavilions in there. 

So we did the Coke pavilion, and it was pretty cool:
 Torches for the past olympics

 With a Torch!

The pavilion was really cool in the end. You could do some interactive games, and the people working there were the most energetic I've seen in any pavilions. 
Then we also did the ACER, Samsung and Panasonic pavilions which all had some really cool tech things we could see.

Each pavilion had their own cool thing: The Panasonic 3D HD theatre showed the 2008 and 2010 Olympics in full real 3D, for the opening ceremonies and the sports. It was funny because we had seen the opening ceremonies live, and it looked exactly the same. Also, they shot in 3D at the Norway - Canada game, and I saw myself on the 3D Theatre about 3-4 times because I was in the corner behind the goalie! Clearly, I was really excited, but nobody else cared haha! 

At the samsung one, they had a bunch of interactive touch screens and cool stuff to do with cell phones, and the ACER one had the Olympic video game on the computer, which you would be doing the real courses of the Vancouver olympics, and the graphics were just amazing. It's funny because some people might remember that Olympic game that was around in like 1995 - I just remember my brothers and I playing, and it was the same thing pretty much just 15 years later! 

In the ACER pavilion, we heard some good beats outside so we figured it was Deadmau5 that was up on the stage, and it was! So he started a bit earlier, but that was fine by us!

I have amazing video footage of this, so can't wait to put this all together. We decided to make a ''Volunteer train'' to the front of the crowd and it pretty much worked. There were a LOT of young kids (like 13-17) because it was an all-ages concert, and no beer was served (big fail) but we still had sneaked a bit of rum, every morning I basically make sure to have my rum on me... You just never know! 

After a while, we decided to get out, my brother and I were getting pretty hot and it was pushy alot and we wanted to go dance in the back. Brendan, having a head over everyone, was obviously fine, but we left anyway. On my way out we met this guy that is friends with another of my friends from Montreal in the Olympics, and we started talking and he ended up chilling with us all night (He works at the Olympic village) 

Anyway, the concert was very good in general, we were upfront for Ghosts and Stuff and people went nuts for it. Unfortunately, it wasn't as loud as we wanted it to be to start our dance party in the back, but hey you got to work with what you got! 

Many fans had made their own mousehead, these are just 2 of many!

So Deadmau5 got LITERALLY cut off because I'll assume he just wanted to keep playing, and the organizers had to cut him off so the fireworks could start. Basically, he put Never gonna give you up at the end; which confused us a bit, and then they just literally pulled the plug haha! So the countdown to the fireworks had to be modified to start at like 2 or 3 then BOOM! Amazing fireworks! These were GOOD too! With a bit of a light show and everything. I decided to film it so I don't have any pictures, but they were definitely nice. 

Afterwards, we went downtown to Granville street to walk around a bit, and we met up with Brendan's friends where we wanted to find a bar, but ended up chilling at the Casino and just having a beer, steph, brendan and I's feet were KILLING so we just wanted to die at that point!

Sidenote: The mascots are almost a joke now - not in a bad way, but in the sense that the people my age are always screaming their names, dressing up as them, etc. and It's pretty hilarious. 

Coming back home, we realized there's even more of those rocks piled (Inukshuk) all over on the walkway from Sochi 2014 to the GM Place/BC Place. There's so many, it's incredible!

 Only a glimpse..

We had a mishap coming back on the skytrain, taking the last one we thought we had the one going to Surrey but it turns out it wasn't. We had to call for a cab and get a ride with these girls to get back home, which was around 4 am! Long night, thank god I'm off today!

I'm going to see Juste Pour Rire tonight at Granville Island, and it'll be nice to be off. I'm working 9 - 5 tomorrow, for the ''Super Sunday'' because really good games will be on so you better watch. The biggest rivalries will all be playing against each other starting at 12 Pacific, so 3 pm in Ottawa. I will be working the first game, Russia vs Czech and will try to sneak my way into the USA game. It'll be ridiculous in there!!! Afterwards, its Sweden vs Finland.

Here's an article from the Montreal Gazette explaining this amazing day of hockey tomorrow.

So! Hockey Day in Vancouver tomorrow will be on! I'll probably go to Granville Island after I sneak into my USA Game (hopefully) to check out Cowboy Fringants, and go out late because I'm only working late monday. 

The hockey I'll be covering: Women's semis monday, Men's quarters tuesday & wednesday, Men's semis friday, Men's Bronze saturday and men's final sunday! 

That's it for now ! Peace and love

I have found AMAZING pictures of the games here. Check it out!

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