Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 13: Ok, Somebody ate their breakfast this morning!

And by that, I meant the whole hockey team. I'm not sure if it was Canada who decided to just start speeding everything up and play their real game, or if it's the Russia that had so many nerves that they seemed to not even know what hockey was in the first period....

So because I worked outside the day before, they named all of us and we were going to be put inside. I thought that'd be great, but I had to split ticket-taking duty at the door and being an usher in the 100's. Also, that section is the smoker's section. You get like the crazy-smokers absolutely wanting their smoke but you have to stamp them, etc, it gets a bit crazy. I got to watch most of the 2nd period, could of watched the third but the game was pretty much already done! So I decided to go eat. 

I'm not sure if it's because 75% of the people there are men ranging from 25 - 35 years old, drunk with their buddies ready to spend all their cash on beers, and the fact that there's only about 3% of volunteers there that are girls that are younger like me, but I've been getting hit on working at the GM Place on a daily basis. It's ridiculous! All the time! The guys always try to hug me, take pictures with me, flirt with me, say all these things, I always find it really funny in the end, as I said, pretty sure there's not many younger volunteers, it's all older anal women I would say, I'm clearly the coolest one. Yet, still do my job.

So it was pretty crazy in the rink at first! SO loud! Also, doing the tickets before the Canada Game also made me see some people that couldn't get in because well they basically got effed by the scalpers. Sucks to be them. The thing with the scanners. is that once you've scanned it, you can't re-enter with it. That's why we have to personally stamp them to make sure nobody gets through the cracks. There was a few people that came thinking that was their game, but they had the worng time :( But we ended up giving them tickets anyway because well it really sucks to reject those honest people.

I videotaped the crazyness from I get off the skytrain as I walk through my shift, but also took a few pictures. I also saw Miga and Squatchi, and went paparazzi crazy on them which I'm sure they weren't amused because we were in a accrediated people-only area. The people screaming and cheering the whole way up to the venu was so crazy! Can't wait to see more of it! 

I was burnt afterwards so just went back home. These standing days are getting long! Also, I met Jean Maisonneuve my old boss at BDO who has a Suite basically for every game. He told me for the Finals I can come and see him and stay in the Suite. You know what that means! I'll come in with my volunteer outfit because I'm supposed to work at 12 for the ceremonies (no way I'm going!) and then I'll just make my way onto the Suites, ask to go see a friend of mine, get chanced once in there at the bathrooms, and BAM! I'm in! So hopefully that will work! Wouldn't it be crazy to see this! Not working too, it's hard to contain emotions sometimes! 

That's it for now! Tonight I'm off so I'm planning on going out and seeing stuff! 

Here are some pics of people walking out - people were going nuts! And at that same time, we were catching the bobsleigh and announced to everybody about the gold and silver and people went nuts!

Also, these guys (well like, old men) invented a new sport. Don't remember what they call it, something with snowballs. So walking back home I got a picture with them! 
I decided to put on my best tourist impression

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