Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Opening Ceremonies!

So I just came back from the Opening Ceremonies - and I can tell you I was so impressed with what Canada has to put on.

I'll tell you a few things, snowboarders and skiers - you will definitely love this! Also, they very much included the aboriginal people in the ceremonies which at first I was skeptical about but it turned out very cool. You know how we thought we'd never beat what the Chinese did at the Summer games? Well basically we took what we have the most - Diversity - and built on that to make an amazing opening ceremonies.

The singers are standard, nothing too crazy (Celine Dion wasn't there, but I still have a tiny bit of hope she will pop out of  nowhere on Friday without rehearsing because of her amazingness and the ability of near nothing of people keeping a secret) and when they would name the flag bearers, or torch bearers the announcers just wouldn't say anything.

The crowd will have an important part to play with small flashlights given to everyone - so you can imagine what kind of effect they will be going for. 

One thing I can say : It looks like a Winter Wonderland. The joke of the night was that it looked way more like Winter olympics within BC Place than outside! I want to say so much more but I think I'll keep it to that. There was a part I thought was long - It was really cool, just long.  But the rest I was really satisfied with. 

We had volunteers stand-ins for the Premiers of the countries and the keynote speakers which was quite hilarious, as well as stand-ins for the athletes, and we would cheer for random countries like Jamaica or Africa. There were the most of athlete stand-ins for Canada (I imagine they had the exact number) and the people went crazy, just for some volunteers. 

The CEO talked to us before the ceremony thanking the volunteers, bla bla bla. I guess it was a good place for him to reach out to everybody at the same time. The place wasn't full - I'd say 60-70%.

Also, we did a wave during the countdown to the start - I've NEVER seen such a sweet wave. Absolutely EVERYBODY was in on it, and you know how usually the 100's aren't really doing it, well now it was everyone and screaming also when the wave was coming to their side. Just that made my night.

Anyway - This was quick, and conclusion is that tonight made just coming to the Olympics worth it.

If you actually want more details as to who performed and what's the overall theme, e-mail me, I'll see if I want to tell ya ;) 

Good night from V-Town

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  1. Super glad you decided to not spill the beans, I've had to stay quiet for the last month about all the fun things going on.

    And i'm super glad you enjoyed the show.