Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First morning in Vancouver!

So, this is my first morning in Vancouver.

Picked up my brother Steph at the airport last night - and there was tons of athletes and volunteers there. It was covered in Olympic signs, you could really see we were right in the middle of it!

The flame was actually in Surrey last night - where I'll be staying for the month. It's going to take me around 45 minutes to get to work, with one bus and one skytrain. I rode the skytrain yesterday - got a glimpse of Vancouver which was pretty cool.

If it wasn't for an older man helping me to get into that train, don't think I would of made it! I think people were a bit angry I had a snowboard bag + luggage bag + backpack although the people around me were very nice. 

The house is very nice, here are a few pictures:


Okay, so it literally feels like in April/May in Ottawa over here. Everything is green, and kinda wet, really really reminds me of my birthday month. And I don't particularly like those transitions months, like give me snow or give me summer. 

Also, the rain! THE RAIN
Look at the forecast:

Long Term Forecast Updated: Tuesday, February 9, 2010, 8:00 PST

Feb. 10
Feb. 11
Feb. 12
Feb. 13
Feb. 14
Feb. 15
 Light rainLight rainCloudy with showersLight rainLight rainLight rain
 Light rainLight rainCloudy with showersLight rainLight rainLight rain
WindNE 5 km/hE 10 km/hE 10 km/hSE 10 km/hS 15 km/hN 5 km/h
24-Hr Rain5-10 mm20-30 mm15-20 mm20-30 mmclose to 10 mm5-10 mm
I cannot believe the weather, 7 straight days of rain? Really? WOW.
Today I'm going to pick up my uniform as well as my rehearsal opening ceremonies tickets. 
See ya!

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