Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 4: The Oh Canada's keep on coming!

So you would of thought the Monday things would have settled in? Nope, Robson Square is always jammed packed so is Granville street (Think Granville as Elgin back in Ottawa, and Robson Square being the heart of the Market or something)

I went downtown tonight and met up with Louis and Stoggy, as they are here for the week because Stoggy's Dad is the CEO of the canadian paralympic team, has the infinity sign pass, and they get VIP's in ridiculous high class parties (Liberal party, UK Investment, sounds fancy). Anyway, had a beer with them and Henry the Dad, then we went off to find a restaurant. Going through Robson we could see it was still pretty crazy. Here are a few pictures of the night downtown:
On the bobsleigh weeee!

From where they report at CTV Olympics basically.

Robson Square


The boys getting pulled by the collar with batman

I must say the buskers came out tonight! There were definitely a few around town, we didn't stay around too much because well the boys were hungry.

We weren't sure what to do, so we went back to Saskatchewan, Ontario and Québec pavilion. And surprisingly, Sask wins this one! They had a Ska band playing as we came in (as where Québec the band was done, and Ontario was a huge lineup outside in the rain, so we only did the 4d Theatre again) That pretty much sums up the night. We ended up visiting a casino quickly and ended at the Poker Room. I anticipate very awesome things coming up, and I start working for real hockey (men's) tomorrow.

Good night!

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