Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 5: Pinch me, k?

Alright, so today was my first real shift because well, let's be honest, it was men's hockey. I was really excited to come work and check out how the atmosphere was going to be.

Well first off I decided to pick up the same number I had taken last time for the deployment - which got me back to usher where I was for the woman's. If you want to see the numerous pictures I took from my phone throughout the day, you can go to my Twitter account and check out the latest pictures and videos.

For the USA v SUI game, I would say that it was 25% USA, 5% Suisse and 70% Canada for people and what colors they were supporting. I think a lot of americans came out from Seattle for this. They kept chanting ''U S A U S A'' during the games, or Let's go Suisse tap tap tap tap tap (I think). Anyways, the swiss kept USA on their feet I can definitely tell you that, and all truly canadians were hoping they'd score the first goal, but no go.

Here are a few pictures between the two games, when the cleaning team were going nuts (it was a whole new crew of people, trying to clean an arena within an hour - good luck!) Which subsequently made everybody wait outside, all the Canadian fans as you can see!  These are all little things that back home you don't realize, but seeing it up close you think how crazy it is for an Arena to host 3 big games in one day. It's gonna be this way until the Quarters, wow, it'll be NUTS!

Employee debrief

In between games

Hosts taking a break

Lineup outside, wow!

 Absolute crazyness

So you can see that before the Canada game, people were getting ansty to get in. From what I heard, it was a really good atmosphere in the streets.

So, I do my usher part until 5 pm for the Canada game and a bit disappointed that I won't get to see Canada score their First goal. So I get off, and this random guy asks me where he can find a ticket booth because his friends and him want to upgrade to seats down in the 100's they've been eying and there's definitely nobody. I basically tell him it's impossible, then say that he could probably sneak in there if he wanted to. It only took that for him to take off the jersey off his back, give it to me and tell me to go put it on. So I basically shove my jacket into my little backpack, put on his jersey, and hide everything volunteer about me. He buys me a beer, we go to the 100's to find the section where he's talking about.

He calls up his 3 friends that are wearing painted on t-shirts, and tells them to come down. We basically WALK into section 103 in between the first and the second no problem, then just sit down in these ridiculous seats, behind the media and where CTV has their hockey desk. Unbelievable. I'm kind of risking all my privileges of being a volunteer but it was SO worth it!

So we proceeded to go on TV a couple times from the texts I got, and one of their friends got a snapshot of the TV when they were on - and you can see that I was right on the right side of the guys, just cut off in that pic, but I was there, and also again on TV later.

 yeah, im on the left and these are my new freinds. sorry mom!

Anyways, we stayed there for the rest of the night, and it was amazing. Here is the view that we had:

So, what a night! Two of the guys were coming back to Surrey so I hitched a ride with them, perfect night!

PS Media, if you ever pick this up, please, don't put me in trouble, thanks!

This is exactly what happened ... as raw as it gets!

Also, Robson Square is retarded right now, everybody from hockey basically walked over there and its a riot ( a fun one) but went back home because I have many 9 - 5's this week (until friday) so I got to rest sometimes, and after epic nights like this, I just don't mind!


OHhhh HABS FAN: You will love this. After each canada goal, they play OLÉ OLÉ OLÉ OLÉ, amazing right! hahaha. Excellent!

Team Canada Love,

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  1. Wow what a night! J'suis bien contente que tu écris ce blog, la meilleur facon pour moi d'avoir de tes nouvelles. Beaucoup de gens lisent ton blog et tous le trouve excellent!

    P.S.: Bob L. t'a vu à la télé aussi.