Monday, February 15, 2010

Couple Days Off...

Since men's hockey only starts tomorrow, all my shifts start tomorrow with only February 20th (Saturday) and February 25th (Thursday) that I'll have off. I decided to take it easy yesterday, and today I play on going downtown around supper time. So I'm ready for things to get hectic!

Meanwhile, I just wanted to point out to you guys a few links that I found were pretty interested. 

I thought it was really cute that the men's downhill ski teams renamed themselves the Cowboys Ski Racing team. I find it makes them more personable and as well as a reason to follow them through these races. 
Looking for a picture of them, I came across this and thought it was hilarious. It's not them....

Also, I follow Vancity Buzz and 2010vanfan for different updates of cool stuff happening. Vancity Buzz being more about specific events and sightings around Vancouver, and the 2010 VanFan is a volunteer I think in media documenting it all similar to me. She has tons of pictures from the opening ceremony from her point of view - which was exactly what I went through when going on Wednesday for the rehearsal - except we didn't have the swanky white outfit, flashlights, tamtam's, etc. But you can see how the venue looked from a spectator point of view! Which, I wasn't allowed to bring anything in there, so that's why I don't have anything! Also, I found really nice professional opening ceremonies pictures here: Masey's blog

Also, I follow different people on Twitter where I get good updates: @24hoursvan @CTVOlympics @cowboysracing @vancitybuzz @masey @2010vanfan @highfivecanada 

Anyway, I came across this: 

Amazing! Vancouver Dance Flash Mob? Why wasn't I there? Actually that was Saturday and I was working, so I'm not too pissed to have missed it! 

Also, a Oh Canada in the streets. Can you guys imagine this? 

I'd like to also point out there ridiculous protesters going around, and who smashed windows at the Bay (Olympic Store is there - talk about the people in there when I bought a backpack wow!)  

Here is an excerpt from a CBC article:  
Some protesters sprayed vinegar in officers' eyes, threw sticks, and spit on officers, police said.
Two officers were injured with flying objects and one was sent to hospital with a shoulder injury but was treated and released, said Const. Lindsey Houghton.
The 125 officers assembled in two rows, along with six police officials on horseback and managed to hold back the crowd, estimated at 1,500.
No protesters were injured.

Few pictures:

I just think they are ridiculous and apparently have had their say for the weeks coming up to the Olympics according to the people here, gah, frustrating. I love how the media interviews them sometimes and they sound ridiculously stupid, way to go, protesters, way to go.

Tonight I'm probably gearing up with my camera to go play full-on tourist. Maybe meet up with Louis and Chris and god knows what else! I'm working tomorrow 9 am - 5 pm, stay tuned on Twitter, as I sneak tweets as I work... 

Happy Monday!

Here are a few cool pictures:


  1. Gen!

    Look for my cousin, Patrick Biggs...he's part of the Canadian Coyboys haha and will be skiing on sunday :)

  2. Cheers for the link Gen. Loving that you are having such a good time at the hockey. Talk about a lucky break!!