Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Uniform & Accreditation!

Well, today I picked up my accreditation and uniform, and before that my opening ceremonies rehearsal tickets, and we were able to get two extras for Gilles, my friend's Dad where I'm staying at.

Between the tickets and getting the uniforms, we went sight seeing as tourists on this Tower made for that exactly, here are a few pictures:

BC Place and GM Place
Over looking north vancouver

After that, we went to pick up our uniforms.
Which looked like this:

Those were only the sample sizes too, they had so many boxes for the real ones!

And here is the final outcome of it; Steph couldn't get a picture that looked decent smiling, so we had to take a gangster one unfortunately, so there's one of me alone after, because I am happy so I don't think it does me justice!

This is what I'll be wearing at GM Place, Steph got snowpants, I have these weird stretchy pants.

We met this woman form Montreal coming back from the uniform pickup on our way home and we had a very good talk, and she'll be volunteering with me at the GM Place so that's going to be fun!

Tonight we are taking it easy, got some Little Ceasar's pizza - how long ago did we see that! 

I'll be back tomorrow with Opening Ceremonies ''spoilers'' if you may...

Later :) 

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