Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 12

I got to work outside today - it really wasn't pleasant with all the cold! Brrrr! Rain and wind are not a good combo, with the cold. It gets you straight to the bone! Such a weird cold, different than out East for sure.

Again, my days have been a bit more relax due to the nature of my shifts. (4pm -12 am)

I just wanted to say:


Four years ago, was a different team, different town. This is ours!

So Let's show Russia where we are, and it's Canada, and it's our gold medal! 

Hopefully I'll be inside, if so, check out my TwitPics for the live picture updates!
I'm also secretly hoping for the Swiss to pull an upset on USA! Come on!!
It is sad that one of the teams (Canada or Russia) will not even get a medal, especially after a seeding of 2 and 1 respectively. It's clear Finland, Sweden or the Czechs are not better teams than this, on paper.
My guesses for the semi-finals: Hopefully Canada vs Sweden and USA vs Czech. I have a feeling Czech will come on top for some reason.

After coming across this article, I realized that I was about 1 meter away from Tretiak, an Russian legend for his goaltending, on my second shift. Random, I know. 

That's it for now, my brother is out at the casino playing with some drunken fully-loaded scalpers taking all their money, so good for him!  I was just too cold to even move, I really had to come straight here.

I also wanted to direct you to this picture which I find really arrogant of the Russian figure skater. (It is the shot you get when you enter his website) Also after seeing he did this to young girls

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