Saturday, February 13, 2010

''Is it Canada Day?''

That was the question I asked my brother when we got downtown after the ceremonies.

So yesterday, oh boy, first real day that we decided to venture out and see what the party scene is like. First, we met up with my old prof from Louis-Riel, M. Dregas, at a bar downtown, said hi, then decided to walk over to Granville Island, Place de la francophonie, to check out what was going on there.

Here is the lantern festival.
 Yes, I take pics of steph all the time. 

Granville Island.

So after we got there, we watched the ceremonies on the big screen but under a tent because it was raining so hard. We met a couple; one guy originally from Ottawa with the girlfriend from Vancouver, they were pretty funny and had good talks. Also the girl beside me was from Québec but moved to Vancouver a few years back and never went back to Montreal haha! So then after the ceremonies, we went to Club Adrénaline and my brother started talking to some people, while some boys sat beside me and I made a stupid comment probably... anyway, we started talking, and then went to see Malajube perform somewhere else. These boys were hilarious, they were from Université de Sherbrooke so for me that was winner, I told them about Ottabrooke, and they were 5 guys that bought an RV for 5,000 and they parked somewhere downtown, paying 20$ each, pretty much near chinatown and the poorer part of town. Anyway, I chilled with them for a while, partied way too much, had way too much rum and coke from a gigantic bottle, and we ended up with them pretty much all night. After the concert, we took the Olympic line and then went downtown for some shenanigans. It was hilarious, I have a lot of videotape so you'll see it once I decide to post up some videos.... I want to make sure to note that we went downtown around 11-12am and it was absolutely crazy!! People screaming, flags everywhere, people on everybody's shoulders, you would think it was either Canada Day or when the Sens manage to win a playoff game! 


The RV! amazing.
New friend.

So I doubt this is my first and last adventure with strangers, all in all, it was very fun.

I exchanged phone numbers with one of the guys, with a drunken talk about Whistler tomorrow or something, god knows what! 

Afterwards, when it got too sketchy with the homeless, we decided to book it for the skytrain around 2:30 am and then took this bus, leaving us with 30 minutes walk to the house. It was a long walk. 

Opening ceremonies: I thought that it was much better seeing them live, although we were able to see things that we couldn't of before on TV. I hope you guys liked it, although I know that some people are disappointed, I think people should cherish this moment.

Alright, now I'm off to my first shift (2-9 pm) covering the women's hockey, then I have a two-day break to go party some more!

I'm not bringing my camera tonight because I'm not sure how it will work out over there. I'm hoping to buy a little backpack so I can bring my camera for whatever I'll be doing afterwards. 

To report back soon... 

PS: You can leave me comments after my blogs just there, don't think you need to sign up or anything. Would love to hear from you guys, or if you have any questions! 


  1. I love reading your blog - you're doing an excellent job. Enjoy your stay in VanCity and say hi to Steph! Jojo

  2. Sherbrooke boys would be a winner for you! ahaha.