Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 9: Gala Juste Pour Rire

Well! Here I am, I was supposed to work today but I wasn't feeling good / wanted to catch the game from a bar for once (and wear a team canada jersey and not the blue coat!) so I decided to call in ''sick''. Therefore, I won't be sneaking into the 100's for the Canada game, but I think I've had my fair share of excitingness for free already!

On to last night, I had it off, and we went to the Gala Juste Pour Rire and there were TONS of good comedians, it was really hilarious. They delivered exactly what I was hoping - Olympic jokes alongside with everything else in life. Louis José Houde really got me and my brother when he did an elaborate set about a tent-trailers and talking about going up camping with his family. We could SO relate, I can't wait to show the footage to you (Mom and Dad) because it will seriously crack you guys up!

I met up with Alex Gibson a friend of mine from B-D back in the day, and also met up with Audrée, my cousin's girlfriend as well as Marc from the other night. It was really fun to just be a bunch of people randomly together, and these are not even people that I hang out one a regular basis, you know? It's all in the Olympic magic!
The pictures are a bit blurry but that's the best I could do. I do have a lot of footage so I'll be able to compile a bit of that!

Afterwards, we headed, as per usual, to Club Adrénaline to party a bit more. We met some Québecers in line; they had been saving up for 4 years each putting money aside to finally come here and basically blow it all here! Haha! They were from Trois-Rivieres I think, and a bit older than me but around my brother's age. They were pretty cool, I ended up staying with them for a while. Also I met this couple from Newfoundland that I ended up dancing on stage with! It was quite a fun night, although Steph was pretty beat and sat down a lot of the night, garding my coat hehe! 

It was a DJ playing only francophone party songs, so it was pretty cool to hear that. From the good beats of today to the Ce soir on danse classics, it was a fun night. Over there it's always fun, and there's mostly older people, so it's easy to spot the younger ones and basically come together, you know! 

Also the guys had made this flag that they'll be bringing to the game tonight:

One of their moms were nice enough to cut the two flags and put them back together. So Let me know if you see this on TV!  They were supposed to contact me at the game because I was supposed to be there, but I'll assume they'll go back to Granville Island again because of les Cowboys Fringants performing!

This will be rather interesting as I 100% plan on showing up with the Team Canada jersey one of the guys gave me at the first Canada games and they are well, des séparatistes! We'll see what they will say about Canada tonight! In the Olympic spirit and all!...

La dernière fois que je les ais vu, j'étais en première année pendant Frosh Week a l'Université d'Ottawa mais je connaissait pas autant leurs chansons, maintenant je peux dire que je connais très bien la plupart des chansons donc j'ai hâte de me rendre en avant pour partyer avec les Québécois! 

C'est drôle à cause à la Place de la Francophonie je me sens tellement plus à l'aise, ''à la maison''. C'est vraiment plaisant!

And yes if you are wondering, I'm pretty much always having the time of my life, meeting a new group of people every night is pretty much the best thing ever for me.

It's a big hockey game so make sure to watch!

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