Thursday, February 25, 2010

OT: Women are dominating the podium for Canada

I just wanted to bring to your attention how the Canadian women are really rocking the podium right now. We have 6/8 golds from women, and they account 80% of the total medal count.

I think this is amazing, being involved as a girl in sports as I always did as a kid. I think our programs are really equal promoting sports to both genders. It does suck that it's a bit bittersweet to win gold for Hockey as we were the heavily favored to win at least a silver in this sport, but must feel really good for those ladies. For me in ringette, it was like the day Gloucester beat Ottawa in 2006 to go to Nationals, I'll always remember that time.

On that note, we have just beaten Canada's record for Gold Medals - putting our count at 8. Now, the country is in the running for the most gold medals at these Winter Games, which I think would take the pressure off the Own the Podium program people have been fussing about. I don't think without that program we would have half of these medals, and we only got unfortunate with the 18 4th and 5th place finishes.

We have tons of great chances of getting more golds, included women's curling, men's curling, men's hockey which I cannot wait to see the final outcome, hopefully in a box suite as I was explaining earlier (Yeah, I'm not going to work, sorry work ethics, you will take the side while I spoil myself with this olympic experience)

On that note, I want to point out how JDC and the Olympics are so similar (Tom Horvath would gladly explain that to anybody) and as newly appointed coordinator for next year's JDC, how I am STOKED to be able to be part of the Ottawa 2011 delegation for the JDC 2011, held in Ottawa. Also, our committee consists of 80% of females (what, you're surprised?) so I'm sure we'll do just as well as Canada's girls!

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