Sunday, February 14, 2010

First shift, Robson Square

So first I'd like to point out I didn't bring my videocamera last night because of my first shift but I bought a little bag and now I can bring it everywhere and document this even better! So all these pictures were sent to my Twitter where you can follow me if you want the up-to-date pictures and videos that I upload on a hourly basis basically throughout my nights. 

Wow! So yesterday was my first shift. Got to the place, and there was a room with tons of volunteers for the ''debrief''. 
From there, they supervisors each took the groups (assigned randomly by a number you pick up at first) then off to your spot you go. I was assigned to be usher, which was pretty much the sickest job. Interact with people, watch the hockey game, it was really good. I was really surprised at the amount of enthusiasm people had for the women's hockey game. Even though they scored 18 goals, each time people would get up and cheer like crazy, and they also gave a standing ovation to the Slovak team at the end, basically, a pity cheer. Oops.
Also, I could see the RDS table from where I was stationed (Section 311). Second note: GM Place is tiny!! They don't even have level 200's, it's really small. 

 The empty rink.

Anyway, I was done at about 8 pm, because women's hockey definitely doesn't have as many whistles as a regular men's hockey game. I met a policemen, Walter from Edmonton, at the doors that I was stationed at, and at least we could talk hockey, he was pretty damn cool. The other volunteer girl on the other hand, a little goody-too-shoe for me, we didn't get along that great...oh well.

After the game, I went in line for the Ontario 4d Theatre, which was really cool. I met two older volunteer ladies in line so we talked for the whole 30 minute wait, they were from Surrey too, and we had a good Olympic chat. They worked at the residential services at the Athlete's village.  This theatre literally made it seem you were there, like it's actually that much better than the regular 3d, and would recommend it (and the wait) for anybody in Vancouver right now. It's also Disney-esque with things like water splashing in your face at the right times. Really something to see, I might even go back and see it again.
That was me with one of the ladies I met in line. There were really nice. I've been meeting so many people! Just on the bus on the way to Surrey, an older man sat beside me and we started talking and realized that we BOTH came from Orleans (and this is a surrey bus I'm talking about) and that we BOTH live in Queenswood Heights, and that he's given sand to my dad before (my dad Would!)

After that, I went to Robson Square so I can meet up with Louis and Stoggy but then they were too drunk and too ''good'' for me basically, so I watched the show they were hosting. It was pretty cool - Snowboarders, skiiers and hockey players ziplining over the place, there was fireworks, fire shows, and a whole lot of other cool things. 

Snowboarder over Robson square, bad image :(

I also have videos here  and here of the Canada Hockey Place without anybody in it, and people that were in a balloon at Robson Square that they eventually popped off.

I realized I can upload videos now to Twitter, that are around 30 seconds long, I had a really long one but it was too big to be uploaded... It showed all the cool stuff that was happening at Robson Square.

I went to the Irish House for a while. That place was pretty cool - think Heart & Crown in basically a bit open area with tons of drunk people, once again.  I'm going to try to go back sometime! I'm sure there's a crowd going any night of the week.

That was pretty much my night, not drunk this time ha ha! So my shift was amazing, I can't wait to go work again, unfortunately for Steph who had his first shift he was less than impressed... weather was way too harsh, really sucks for him. 

Alright! So, stay tuned on Twitter, and I'm off till Tuesday, not sure what I'll be doing till then. 

Happy V-day! 

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  1. Bravo Gen! Ton blog a même été recommandé pour tous! C'est très bien fait et toi et Steph semble profiter de votre expérience au max. (Please party smartly!)
    Take care, Mom.