Sunday, February 28, 2010

As if it's over!

We pretty much busted the internet limit where we are staying so I'll just have to be brief.

Full descriptions will be coming up very soon; basically friday and saturday nights were both drink-till-7am and the most random things has happened.

Didn't get a chance to catch the gold medal game, my plan failed! Gah!

Tomorrow I'm going to Whistler. We're actually taking a cab at 3 am to get to the bus terminals, to then take an hour long bus to the Train station, where we are taking the 5:15 am bus to Whistler to get us there at 7:45 am. We then will go check at our hotel see if we can check in, if not just leave our baggage there. We have a hottub and we'll be right in the centre of the village. Then I take a bus back around 10 am Tuesday morning to go back to Vancouver and straigh to the Airport.

I can't believe it's almost all over :( Although tomorrow will be epic.

I'm going to wear my Team Canada jersey on and I'm trying to find a flag to put somewhere on my snowpants. We're also going to snowboard with our volunteer coats, haha.

I can't wait to go! Wow! It's 11 pm so I'm leaving in 4 hours, so weird!

That's it for now! Lots of pics to come, and I took amazing videos!

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