Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 6: Media & Place Franco

Well, I'd first like to thank everybody who recognized me on television the other night. I'm pretty sure I made my national debut the best way ever. I immediately got a bunch of texts, emails and then on my facebook some people were saying how they saw me. What a moment that was!

Now, onto my day that was yesterday. First off, at work, I got deployed in media. So I got to work with the  big shots, or so I thought. But I first had to block the entrance to the media because it's completely blocked off for them - so If you are at section 109, and want to get to 101, you got to go around, and you don't know about that. So who's the person to tell you that? ME! So you can just imagine how people would get ridiculously mad at me, all the time! Wow! Examples; infront of his children ''Well this is just retarded, this is so stupid, I can't believe this, it's RETARDED!''; ''Canada's really an embarrassment'' ''This is just plain ridiculous, you guys will make me walk all the way around? No, this makes no sense'' 

Like really, Canada? You will make a fuss because the rink has been modified to accommodate the Media centre which is necessary for any arena, and because you're SO lazy and don't walk around? Or because you're late and it'll take you too long? Wow, your LAME! That's all I gotta say. Anyway, I got my load of whining people yesterday, let me tell you that! 

Moving on to the other part of my Media job - I was ushering basically mid section at 105, so it was really sweet, got a really good view of the Finland game. Koivu up close!

Afterwards, I went around downtown and met up with Marc, a friend from Ottawa. We then went to Place à la francophonie for a concert with Marie-Mai, Eric Lapointe, Kevin Parent, Porn Flakes, etc It was really fun! Here are some pictures:
Kevin ParentMarie-Mai + autre + Plastique Bertrand - Oops, ENCORE! Toute la gang, incluant Eric Lapointe

Overall, le concert étais vraiment bon. C'étais vraiment relaxe - c'est toute des francophones pas mal donc tu te sens vraiment comme si tu es amis avec toute le monde déja. Meme les artistes étaient ben relaxe avec nous. On avait de la place pour danser, le tout étais vraiment bien. Ensuite on s'est déplacé vers le Club Adrénaline ou il y a eu une fille de Casselman, Melissa, qui a chanté quelques cover. On étais les seuls franco-ontariens dans la salle donc c'étais pas mal drôle dans le fond!

Alors j'ai très hâte de retourner a Place franco - avec mes intentions d'y aller samedi soir pour la soirée Juste Pour Rire avec Louis-José Houde, Mike Ward, et pleins d'autres comédiens (tout gratuit) et ensuite dimanche soir pour les COWBOYS FRINGANTS! Woo!

C'est pas mal tout pour cette soirée - il y a eu aussi quelques bières de 7$ en consommation et du rum and coke illégal pour le concert!

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