Friday, February 12, 2010

Training and Poker

So yesterday was pretty relax, we only had to go to our training where they showed us little videos on how to do stuff correctly, we were the last training, they had 88 of those, wow!

There were more people. Afterwards, we went downtown beside the BC Place again, where I can't wait to go see the Ontario Pavillion, Quebec House, Molson Canadian house (Playing all the hockey games, huge huge  beer tent!) and the Russia House. With that, the Casino was right beside where my brother was going to play Poker and he asked me if I wanted to play, kind of hesitated at first, but decided to play.

Downtown vancouver - Russia House

Athlete's village.

Anyway, poker ended up really fun, was very sociable, but Steph said it was a bit more sociable than usual. I tried to play it off as a pro but that lasted as long as 10 seconds. It was my first time ever at a real table, and people were really nice, and joking with me the whole way. Everybody thought it was really cool I was there with my Brother for the Olympics, and this is not only here, but everybody that we meet thinks that doing that together is pretty awesome.

At around 12:30 we proceeded to take the skytrain back home:

That's it for last night! Tonight we plan on getting kind of drunk and going down to Place a la francophonie to watch the Opening Ceremonies on the big screen then head to Club adrénaline. Then TOMORROW is our first shift! Wooohoo!

Oh and the rain is only supposed to be here until tomorrow, might clear up for Sunday!

We've been meeting people everyday, just yesterday met somebody from Chicoutimi, Calgary, Montreal, etc and some people our age from Ottawa at the meeting. Can't wait to be at CHP and meet some of my coworkers, then I think things will get much more interesting!

Today is the day!

PS Watch the ceremonies, they are amazing. Really!!

PPS: I got a shout-out from (@Masey) on his blog, I'll have to start working on my english if other people start reading this : ) 


  1. Gen... I've been keeping up with your Blog the last few days, and I'm loving it! (bara, ba, ba, ba, think Mcdonalds).

    Can't wait to read more!

  2. Keep blogging Gen, I am living vicariously through you!

    Thanks for the great updates