Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 7: Another Canada Game, Another Sweet Seat

So today was just another 'Ordinary' day for me. I kind of got myself out of an outside position to be usher again on the 3rd level. I really love that job, and considering maybe applying for Sens for the games, why not? I make friends with a lot of the people in my section and I think they all appreciate it. I don't think I'm too uptight, loose, or just plain stupid to be there and people also respect me. Also, I obviously love the drunk guys that go at the noon games, get there at 10 am to be at their 6th beer by noon. They really entertain me. 

Also, let me point out a few things of the games I've realized that I felt like sharing:
- Americans really overdo their costumes. I've done two full USA games now for the hockey, and all the people from Seattle can go right back there if they want! Always tacky costumes, they are nice people of course, but ... I just feel like ... You know who they are
- Luge doubles is really awkward to watch in any shape or form
- I am a bit tired of seeing the same Vancouver videos over and over again
- The cleaning crew in between games go NUTS so they can clean within an hour. It's a lot of work, kudos to them.
- What makes the difference between NHL And Olympic hockey games? FLAGS. There are just tons everywhere. People come for the games of the European countries and decide to usually buy a flag of which ever country they decide on, and it's great because it keeps the spirit in there !
- Somebody put up a ''Free Tibet'' flag today. Was kind of funny. 
- I heard today somebody bought a ticket for the gold medal game in the 300's, for 2,700$. A friend I met tonight bought tickets for Russia tonight for 300$ a piece, last row in the 300's.
- I do realize how lucky I am to be usher most of the time, but I am putting myself in that position.... screwing the system a bit... 
- I have never heard the OH CANADA so many times in a day constantly ever. 
- It is SUNNY now!
- Alcohol places are open till 11 pm to pick up the booze! Wow! 
- I gave these little girls my volunteer pin today because they were all amazed at this older lady having so many. It's a limited edition - obviously I don't care about the pin, because, most of you know me and know that collecting pins, wouldn't be a thing that I do haha! Anyways, there was three little girls, so I think I caused more of a problem because they started fighting about who was going to keep it (in a cute way) Anyway,,, there was my Mother Tereasa Moment.

Now, to the interesting facts. So, as I finish my shift today, I started scouting out downstairs which seats weren't being touched at all. That's when Judy, who's from outside of Montreal, and very french, and very much have the same personality, we decided that we'd meet up in the bathroom, get changed and go downstairs to those seats. So we did. Basically, if they see you in the blue coat, you will get kicked out the seats. But since I had a black shirt, hair tied up, and a green cap, I was totally undercover. 

As I'm typing this, I see the CTV News saying something about the empty seats at GM Place. Okay, there are a bunch of seats that are not sold because: A) they are blocked off by media view, so they can't sell those B) There is about 3 sections in the 300's that is reserved for Athlete seating - and they are never full, like ever and C) I think scalpers have a hard time selling the tickets right before the games, and they end up not sold. Hence, why I can go and hop in there, just as long as you act cool enough.

Hey I'm telling you the secrets of the trade, you guys better not rat me out! Anyway, on to the important part: The Canada game! It was ridiculous! I've never been so much into this as I was in the third period. I can honestly say I was like somewhat okay with Swiss scoring, make the game a little tighter, but never did I have a doubt until the last 5 minutes that we were maybe going to lose. 

The seats, were the most amazing thing ever. Everybody was so into it, and we were really lucky nobody ever came to claim them. I took many videos hoping to catch that winning goal but it DIED before I got anything. So I didn't get anything on my camera for the shootout, but you can check out my Twitvids here and here. As some of you know, I update pictures and videos live on my twitter, so when the crowd goes nuts I'll usually catch it on tape and send it off right away! Note: The crowd went wild when Crosby scored, and they were screaming HILLER To the goalie when he was in our end. Which I thought was a bit unsportsmanlike for the Olympics, but I think we want it so bad and didn't want to accept to have a potential loss... Do anything they can. 

If you were watching on TV, I got on the phone with my parents and told them you could see me from that camera, which you could, it was pretty funny. That's how close I was!

Anyway, enough with the blah blah. Here are the pictures of tonight! 

Now I also made a friend, like I said, and she is a driver for the Hockey Federation driving around big shots. I think she'll become my new undercover seat sneaker. Here's the pic:

She's doing a blog just like me. And Here is it: Mais elle vient de Montréal donc c'est tout en français! 
On va probablement se rencontrer dimanche pour essayer de se trouver des sièges pour la partie contre USA et ensuite aller voir les Cowboy! J'ai hâte! 

So that's it for me! Two posts were enough for me. I had to update everything, I felt like you guys didn't get much lately! 

My plans this weekend: Friday work 9 - 5, Daudmau5 Yaletown LiveCity at 7:30 with Louis and Stoggy; Party somewhere after until late in the night! 
Saturday - OFF! Night: Soirée Juste pour Rire - Place de la francophonie (Granville Island)
Sunday - Work 9 - 5; try to sneak some seats if not go straight to Cowboy Fringants! 

Okay I'm absolutely beat, it's been hard leaving downtown after Canada plays but I'm so beat after standing up all day with everything I'm doing, then putting all my energy into cheering.

Good night!

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