Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 11

I can't even write a title for today because there wasn't much exciting today.

It's a bit weird to be here without pictures, or videos of my day, because I basically went to work from 2 - 9 and came back home afterwards.

I didn't usher today - I was at the media/olympic family accreditation check outside, so making sure the people could get in there with the right card. I would scan their cards, and they would either get a random check or go through.  I saw a lot of interesting titles, a lot of the board of administrators and the executive olympic committee, 2012 London observers (this is for you Liane!) as well as athletes, and the two biggest recognizable names would be Kevin Lowe and Donald Sutherland. It was refreshing to be outside as I didn't even want to be inside watching the women's hockey since I kind of have a hard time watching it.

As the Toronto Sun puts it, the women's hockey is:

''Team Canada will play Team USA for the gold medal in women’s hockey in the least competitive, least interesting, least Olympic of all sports in the Winter Games.''
''Fourteen wasted games of the supposed Olympic hockey tournament has produced nothing more than something all of us have known for years. There is no other sport like this in the Summer or Winter Games. Nor should there be."
''Truth is, you or I could play goal for Canada or the U.S. and get the team to the gold-medal game. And I know I’m not much of a goalie.''

Funny, as maybe you would think I would be somebody to encourage women's hockey as a ringette/hockey player myself, but I think it's only embarrassing. They might as well make a best 3 out of 5 tournament for USA vs Canada in the hockey division and Finland vs Canada in the ringette division to give something to the public, and not embarrass the Olympics. I mean, I could easily be playing for any of those foreign countries and probably do just as well. Gah, frustrating!

We are being silly at the curling rinks, and I absolutely love it! The fans are being crazy - hockey fans styles - something the sport has yet seen. Even the Qu├ębec boys I met the other night went to a curling game cheering for something they don't even know much about! It's funny because articles about this as I referred earlier, were talking about how this would happen. 

Tomorrow and Wednesday, I'll be working 4:30 - 12:00 so that will be quite a shift. It's better than my 9-5 because if I get to usher, I will be able to catch both of the last games, and only seat one group (the 9 pm) instead of seating 2 groups and only watching one game. 

I met another couple on the bus on the way back home, very nice people, hopefully they catch my blog by now! 

Okay, that is it for now. It might not be too exciting for a while because of my late-night shifts and I don't think I'll be going around town during the day. Thursday, I'm going to hit the Holland Heinken House for the day/women's finals/night with my friend Alex and his buddies from Ottawa.

Just today, I kind of missed Ottawa for some reason. Kinda!

Congrats to our golden couple, Moir and Virtue, to make figure skating look cool, even to guys! They are from Ontario, and been skating together since they were 7 years old! Wow!

The Men's hockey last night, Canada vs USA has broken records about the most watched sports program watched ever, with some 10 million watching it. That means every 3rd person in Canada were watching it!

Good night! 

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