Friday, February 5, 2010

D-DAY : T-Minus 1 DAY!

Well, I'm leaving tomorrow and it's very exciting. So exciting that I'm going out tonight as a celebration of my last night in town, call it a small going away party!

I'm going to do an extensive blog about the things I want to do over my time in the Olympics. Now, I've been researching a lot about the concerts, parties, and cool things to see in general.

I will start with Place de la francophonie 2010 which will be held in Granville Island. This has from Cowboys Fringants that I'll be going to check out to Louis-Josee Houde in a Juste Pour Rire comedy night. So excited. Here is the link to all the performers if you are curious, it's an extensive list of popular Quebec artists.

Programmation Place a la Francophonie 2010

Air Canada Stage

Also in the free concerts category, I'll be going to LiveCity Vancouver & Yaletown for nightly fireworks, light shows, concerts, and big screen coverage of most of the Olympics. One of the show I'm definitely going to see (with my 2 friends dropping in for Spring Break) is Deadmau5 on February 19 at LiveCity Yaletown. Some of the sponsor pavillions are Coca-Cola, Acer, Samsung and Panasonic Full HD 3d Theatre.

LiveCity - what they anticipate will look like.

Now, since I will be living in Surrey, the O-Zone, situated in Richmond, won't be that far for me to go to. And one of my old favorite bands, Our Lady Peace, will be performing on February 18th. Talking about the O-Zone, there will be other place I'll definitely want to hit up. For instance, the Holland Heineken House which I will FOR SURE be going to. Each night, free cover, and live entertainment starts at 10:30 pm and apparently it's a gigantic party. And, I'm pretty sure I have tons of orange stuff to bring and wear, I'm excited.

It is located in two hockey rinks in Richmond and is only a 5 minute walk from the Canada Line Skytrain Satation therefore it is totally plausible to go there. I have a friend who will be staying in Richmond, and I'm pretty sure we'll be hitting this up a few times! The Vancouver Sun puts it "There are at least three words that immediately come to mind after looking at the information that has been released to date about the venue: Beer. Food. Party." With that link, enables you to look at a virtual tour of what it will look like in there. It's totally my kind of place, I am PUMPED.

Next up, are most of the "houses" that different countries will host. Such as the Dutch house I've just mentionned, there are many more I'd like to visit. Such as the Korea House who will be bidding for 2018 will be pulling all the stops with their interactive pavilion. Apparently, it will be a bunch of high-tech shows, an interactive wall, multi-touch table with clips of Korea in its winter, etc, which will be quite interesting to check out. Some other houses I'll definitely check out are the Ontario House, Quebec House, Irish House, Sochi House (Russia) and House of Switzerland. All of the information on them can  be found at City Caucus' Free Vancouver 2010 Events Guide which gave me tons of information on what to do and where.

Apart from that,  I've learnt yesterday that Grouse Mountain will be giving away After Hours Pass FREE to all volunteers, and a free DC Shuttle which will let my brother and I go riding from 8 pm - 6 am. The trick is that it's a gondela that gets your from the chalet to the hill, and I've been told if I hop on to that at 5:45 am, I can ski the rest of the day, if I want to. They will be open 24/7, how cool is that ? Also, Grouse Mountain has an exceptional view I've heard. Here is what I've found.

Because of this, I've decided to bring my board because on March 1st, I will be doing something I've been waiting for almost my whole life, go to Whistler Blackcomb. FINALLY!!

I cannot wait to go. I am taking a bus from Vancouver, and it will cost me around 150$ for the day with that, but I'm so excited, it's ridiculous.

Finally, here is a picture of the Athlete's Village which shows Canada BC Place as well as Canada Hockey Place.

Next post will probably be at the Airport in Edmonton, or even from the Train on my way to Vancouver.

Cannot wait!

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  1. Sickness Gen! Your gonna go crazy seeing Deadmau5! Very jealous!