Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 10: Cowboys Fringants

Well, yesterday was pretty slow. I woke up not feeling the best and realized the buses are not passing for a while because of the Sunday schedule so I would of been majorly late. I also realized that the chances of me sneaking in after my shift were getting slimmer by the day, and the attendance was much higher yesterday for the CAN vs USA game, meaning that scalpers were really able to sell off all of their tickets.

I met up with Marco, a friend from Louis-Riel along with his other friend Dominique and then 2 other people they knew from Victoria. Around 3 pm, we walked to the Granville Island to get comfortable in a bar but clearly we were still too late. 

We ended up catching the first period at Bar l'Adrénaline and then the 2nd and the 3rd on the big screen at the main stage.

After becoming depressed alongside the 33 million people in Canada, we decided to fix this by getting drunk! Yay! It's funny because the announcer said something like this: Comme canadiens français on est bon a célébrer des victoires, mais on est également bon à célébrer des défaites! 

Anyway, so off to the Granville Island Brewery we go:
We got the tasters, but ended up chugging most of them when we were strapped for time to go back and catch Cowboy Fringants. Here's a few other pictures:

Walking there was quite the funny part, since we were feeling the beers quite well. After that, les Cowboys had already started and we were basically front row the whole concert.

It was a pretty energetic concert, and I definitely forgot temporarily about the hockey loss.

After that, I saw the Québec guys I had met the night before, and we just chilled for a bit before going home pretty early because the band playing at Adrénaline was really... hm... special? I guess that's the word. So I went all the way back to Surrey, falling asleep a bit everyone on each train I was taking. 

Now let's talk hockey. 

If you want to know more about what will happen, You can check out the wikipedia site right here. Basically, tomorrow Canada will be playing Germany to qualify for the Quarters (I will be working at this time exactly) and then Wednesday all the quarter finals are playing (So I assume Canada should win against Germany and they will play Russia

If they win that game, which I'm sure right now, according to my Dad, they will definitely not even make it to the finals, they will play, most likely against Sweden or Slovakia in the semi-finals. Now, let's say they win that, it's a toss-up who they would play afterwards but it'll be a toss-up between USA, Finland or Czech. 

We can all see how this differs alot from what we had imagined, but hey! I'm sure Russia isn't thrilled that they'll have to face Canada in quarters. Basically, all the big contenders like Russia, Canada and Sweden will all have to be eliminated before the finals, whereas USA now is a favorite to get to finals because of the weaker contenders. 

Now onto the goalies: Yes Brodeur was very weak yesterday, and I'll safely assume Luongo will start against Germany to get him warmed up for the Russia game. I WILL be working during the Russia v Canada game, so I'll make sure to find myself a job that requires me watching it! Miller was really into it yesterday and was basically a wall, while Brodeur definitely let a few by him that usually wouldn't of happened. Now USA has this ridiculous confidence that we gave them, and they are talking about Miracle on Ice again from how many years ago, ugh!

Anyway! Today I have a shift from 2-9 pm and it's the women's semi-finals, I think I will voluntarily take a shift outside, as it almost frustrates me to watch the women play!

To finish, here are more fantastic High-def pictures HERE

Here is a cute commercial about moms:

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